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I have recently found mold in my Sleep Number Bed. I have been sick for awhile with symptoms the doctors have been unable to diagnose. It is rapidly and progressively getting worse. By the Grace of God, I just happened to open up my bed set to move it around and was HORRIFIED TO SEE THIS BLACK MOLD! We think we may have found the reason for my illness. The doctor have been treating me for strange rashes, breathing problems - like allergies,... Read more

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We are very unhappy with the C4. The day we purchased it in the Annapolis MD store, I asked if we were not happy with the bed, could we return it and our sales person Beverly Janson said "absolutelty". She never told us the adjustable frame is non returnable! We would have never bought it had we known! Now we are out over $1000.00!! Very misleading sales tactics. Do not buy a sleep number bed.

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From the time I bought the bed and had to schedule delivery until now, when I need service, I've found the majority of the reps to be less than courteous. They're happy to take your money but neglect to explain the entire process. In 20+ years of being in customer service myself, I have never dealt with a company that places an order in their system then tells you that they cannot schedule the service because the order cannot be seen for 24... Read more

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Set aside at least 2 hours if you call their customer service and then expect no results. There is literally no service repair service. If you have issues, you spend 60-90 minutes on the phone only to have them sell you potential repair parts for you to install yourself. Less than 3 yearS after spending over $3K on a bed, it no longer regulates the air. Sometimes increases and sometimes decreases on its own overnight. This leads to arising with... Read more

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Worst glorified air mattress ever! You may want to just buy a coleman air bed and throw a foam topper on it, at least coleman makes a quality product! Waste of money! Read more

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Assured me I could return the bed no questions asked. Then told the $3000 base was a separate purchase and I was stuck. They promise the moon and then balk at returns. Disgusted! I will make it my mission to make sure no one I come into contact with ever purchases. Split top not good for couples. NOT COMFORTABLE. This was never discussed with me. I feel like a bait and switch occurred. I would never do business with this organization... Read more

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Bought this bed and was told this will last the equivalent of a standard bed. well 2 and half years into this bed the memory foam top has split right down the center...I have a queen size bed with two bladders. when this happened it has caused the entire bed to roll both of us to the center....called the warranty and WOW what BS the first thing I hear is oh your problem is you live in Florida and the High Humidity is bad on the foam it will... Read more

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their customer service is easily the worst i have ever encountered. My wife found a promo for $100 worth of bedding with any purchase, when I asked livechat if we could get the promo, I was told that I read it wrong and that they wouldn't honor it. I was told I should hav eread it better. Andrew, the livechat agent, was curt to the point of rude. I asked him if I should just cancel the order, he said I could call a number and cancel if I... Read more

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$8000.00 spent on the I8 split top king and is more uncomfortable than the $2800.00 bed i am trying to replace. They don't tell you that you can't return the $1500.00 adjustable base because another company makes it, and that in itself will discourage returning the bed. Wish I had just returned the over priced gimmick bed and ate the $1500.00. I had moved to new home and took bed apart and put back together no problem but, my god just a... Read more

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Bought a P% mattress with the Sleep IQ system (Extra $400). Had the bed for 3 months and the left side of the bed kept deflating but the controller kept reporting the setting it was set to. Called Customer service and they gave me a run around. Finally emailed the CEO and they agreed to send a new bladder and pump. They originally wanted me to trouble shoot for them -$3000 bed and they don't want to send a tech. The tech came, installed the... Read more

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