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I have a split king and one side always hangs off the base which collapses the side. I called and they replaced the side foam but they cant fix the sliding problem. The mattress cover they sent along with the bed makes noise when you sleep on it. They replaced that as well but why did that happen in the first place? The remote is a piece of ***. Constantly disconnects and takes forever to to work again. The bank they use Sycrony are a bunch... Read more

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Ive had mine for 10 yrs and its the only bed i can sleep on with my back. Only problem is my remote is dying and the numbers dont show up so each side is uneven (i sleep alone so i want it flat) what is the process to getting a remote?

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Ordered bed, scammed into thinking we would get BIG savings and discount by buying also the twinXL mattress pads which will keep the warranty on mattresses valid and they were so much better. Wrong; I have spent half as much and got twice the padding from mattress pads from Meijer. Two weeks after purchasing bed they finally set up delivery. A day before delivery they called to confirm time...which in my book means the deal is now... Read more

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While I sympathize with all the complaints they pale in comparison with the fact that the bed is poisonous to sleep on. I have aired it out for two months and still can't sleep on it. The company will not devulge the chemicals in the retardant. I did sleep on it one week and woke coughing and I never cough. I blame the EPA and the FDA for requiring poison for all beds so a few drunk people don't get burned up. Fing *** but can you imagine what... Read more

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Sleep Number Bed 5000 Review
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I've had this bed for approximately 9 years and just discovered mold growing in the air hoses. My mom has one as well and recently had the insides replaced because the foam was covered with mold. After a quick google I learned this a common issue with this bed and they have never issued a recall, which I believe they should have. My bed is currently outside on my porch because I believe it's a health issue. The customer service rep first told me... Read more

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I purchased a $5500 Split King and was told since I was a insider which means I bought a bed before I would be entitled to 30% off accessories if I bought them at the time only. So I bought about $400 worth of bedding.I later saw online that those products were on sale at 20% off already. I wanted 30% off the sale price now.I complained that I was lied to at the time and customer service said they were sorry for the confusion at time of sale but... Read more

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Sleep Number Bed Review from Zephyrhills, Florida
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I have had my bed for approximately 2 yrs. The right side hangs off the side about 3 in the middle Has an abyss about 4 inches wide 5 inches deep and a big bump in the middle where I sleep. Is this a bed worthy of the 7 to 8 thousand dollars i paid for it Read more

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I wake up in a pit of rubber atop hard plastic every morning. I wake up at least 3 times a night before morning...add air...try to sleep...Do not buy this mattress. You are better off sleeping on a cold tile bathroom floor

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Purchased a i8 with the flex fit 3 base, bed was purchased because wife had had back surgery and could not get any relief during sleep, we thought we would try sleep number with the 100 nights trial, DONT BE FOOLED AS WE WERE!!!!, after a complete purchase price of 9698.00, and sleeping on it for 59 nights she had no relief, so 100 nights trial, not so fast if you get the base its yours, 3999.99, beding yours, which this is the only thing the... Read more

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Despise this bed. Uncomfortable. As someone sleeping on a cheap Walmart air mattress. Waste of $6,000 bucks (yep...sheets, mattress pads, all add up). Don't believe the "100 day trial" because the base is NOT returnable and costs 2/3 of the price. Not a full 25 year warranty either. Already talked with Sleep Number many times. They don't really care. You bought it, live with it attitude. Read more

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