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Hi - I actually felt like the Sleep Number gave me the best night's sleep ever. My wife however, the worst, even with the expensive mechanical/massaging bases.

So, after 30 days we called to return it. I waited on hold for over 30 minutes only to hear that their system was being updated and that, while they took my information down, I'd have to call back in two weeks to get the return pick up scheduled. Sigh. So I've just gotten off the phone with Sleep Number.

I was on hold for over 25 minutes. I took a screen crab of my iPhone to show the wait time on their 1-888-411-2188 number. Then the surprise - only the mattress has a 100 day trial - NOT the bases. The bases were $4,300.

The representative immediately, as if well versed in hearing the shock customers have when they learn they're stuck with a Sleep Number base: 'It says clearly on the sales receipt sir!' She clearly has to tell people this all the time. At no time in the sales process for what was a total mattress/base package of $9,218 did the sales representative at the store say the base was non-returnable.

The phone rep rifled off another longer list of where this is disclosed 'on a poster at the check out counter', on a 'poster on the wall', 'in our commercials.' This is a blatant deceptive practice by Sleep Number to 'over market' their generous '100 Day Trial' with ZERO mention, other than the 'fine print', that it does not include the bases. We are beyond angry.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Sleep Number and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $4300 and wants Sleep Number to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was return policy, extreme wait times on hold, rude phone rep and deceptive return policy on bases. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Let do it, we need to file a lawsuit against Sleep Number my email address is please contact me we need to take action. We work to hard for our money.

Those people was trained to lie to customers and they can't be trusted. They have two pages for the policy and they only showed me the one with the signature.

to Jazzy342 #1424776

Jazzy I’m with you I’m onboard for suing these vultures


Wow. Sorry about your experience.

I've been a sales person at Sleep Number fo almost 4 years and had only 1 customer ever say that. We (in our store and district in California) disclose this upfront and have you initial on the sales receipt (about 3 pages) to make sure you understand. The bases are very heavy duty. Though it may be little consolation you can use any other mattress or maufacturer on that base.

Further, escalate the issue and stay on it as you may get it resolved to an acceptable outcome. It is posted in the store a few places, online and on the receipt (contract). That said your salesperson should be very upfront about this and explain why before you buy. Some customers I havehad to turn away as they were not comfortable with this.

Most bed companies regardless of what the salesperson may say have very restrictive return or exchange policies on high end and/or custom items. As I hear this from folks who have bought other brands only to find they can't return them. We offer the very best products and solutions in the industry and there is no reason to mislead anyone.

Again, sorry about your experience. About half my sales come from referrals of customers so we want them happy and well treated.

to Anonymous Upland, California, United States #1319525

Really, I'm calling BS on this because we took my 85 year old grandmother into the Montclair, Ca. store where the sales guy stated if you don't like the bed you can return it but never once did he say or show on any page that the refunded bed didn't include the base.

Not only that she's 4'11" with back problems. She loved the bed at the store but when they came and set up the bed it was so high she couldn't get in the bed! The sales man never said the hight of the floor model would differ then one being installed. If he did she would have asked to buy shorter legs.

She calls the store and speaks to the salesman and he said that they don't offer different legs! So then she says we'll take it back because I can't sleep in a bed I can't get in to. He then replies we can take back the mattress but not the base. She then tells him you told me if I didn't like it I could return it.

Well he said yes mam we can but in your contract it states we can't take back the base. So he misleadingly lied to her face to ensure the sale. Horrible sales ethics. He then calls her back later and says we have shorter legs you can purchase and you'll have to pay for the installers to come set it up.

Why wasn't this offered to begin with. In whole I feel horrible for taking her to sleep number and having to deal with this nightmare of a situation.

We'll see where this goes now. For the thousands of dollars we've spent this company should be far more accommodating.

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