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By advertising on Fox News and endorsing Laura Ingraham, SleepNumber is complicit in her views and that of the most disgusting propaganda political outlet. I would encourage a total ban on Sleep Number as long as they continue to support her by advertising dollars.

Her crude and sarcastric comments about the last high school shooting are an insight into how far Fox News and she have devolved into an anti-democratic and virtually Fascist movement within this nation, which cannot be suported.

By advertising on her show, Sleep Number supports her views and that of that network. I would urge all customers to boycott all Sleep Number products and actively campaign against this company as long as they continue to advertise on her program and for that network.

Reason of review: You support Fox News and Laura Ingraham.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Love the bed AND love Laura Ingram


We bought a Sleep Number last year and would never have done so if we had known they support Ingraham. We won’t be recommending the product to anyone now.

Bought a bed just because you are boycotting them :)
These are for reviews for this mattress not your political views you *** bags. :) R

boycott sleep number!There are many other good matress companies.lauraingrahamisabully


Too late for me now, but had I known Sleepnumber would support a commentator that not only attacks victims of horrible circumstances, but would support them when these victims are children... they’d never seen a dime of mine. I’ll advise anyone I talk to to look into products like instead of buying from a company that helps push hate in this country by advertising on that disgusting propaganda program.


She referred to Hogg as "whiney". He put himself in the national spotlight - but then can't take the heat because he is a teenager???? Well, by definition he IS whiney and Ingraham merely stated the truth."By advertising on her show" Sleep Number merely wants to reach her audience.Jesus, you people are a bunch of whiney ***


Sleep Number pulled their ads from Ingraham. Call their 800# and verify- I did.


Divisive Ingraham not good for business. Going to dhop elsewhere.

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