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I purchased a Sleep Number Q10. I waited approximately 1.5 months for the bed to be delievered.

In October, the bed was recalled due to safety concerns regarding the footwarmer accessory on the bed. I purchased the bed specifically for this option due to 2 major back operations and neuropathy in my feet, which causes pain and heat alleviates the pain. Approximately first week in November I was sent the accessory to reinstall the footwarmer to my bed. It was the end of November when two technicians from sleep number came to my home and attempted to install the new warmers to my defunct bed.

It was determined that the warmers were not working with the control box in my bed and I would have to have sleep number co. attain a subcontractor to remove, then reinstall a new control box. It is now December and I am diligently paying for a bed that is not working per product description and defunct. The subcontractor hired by Sleep Number Corp.

was horrific and so unprofessional it blew my mind. The contractor gave me a call, and apologized for being late? I had no idea who the person was as he never called me before and had no apt. set.

I even questioned if he was with Sleep number due to his unprofessionalism. This man shows up midday and begins to attempt to move a custom bedframe by himself. I heard a crack and immediately told him the bedframe was custom and he could not lift it himself. Not only that he completely insulted me and desicrated my husbands urn.

My husband, a veteran passed just March of 2017 and I begged him to be careful with the furniture and urn. He made the such a insulting and disgusting comment to me regarding the urn, he stated , and I quote, "he should have taken better care of himself, your so young, he shouldve been a better husband!" This is coming from a 400 plus man, who has NO IDEA how my husband passed away and assumed he was unhealthy. My husband was a vet and an honored personal trainer for the City of Mission Viejo, the mayor came to his funeral. He was the healthiest person and died of an unexpected deadly stroke.

Then he actually touched the urn with his sweaty horrific hands and stated , "sorry boss". Then he made an attempt again with bed controller and box switch. It was obvious to me he had no idea what he was doing, he would not stay to check box and he rushed out of house. The very next day I immediately called the number he called me from to report the incident.

I was lied to by a woman, saying the owner was ill. I explained my frustration about the incident and told her to have the supervisor contact me immediately. I received a phone call (I have all texts and voice mail messages kept) from a gentleman claiming to be the supervisor. He informed me the man before was his son and he would send him out again to review the box which was not installed correctly.

I refused to have that man set foot in my house again after the outrageous events the day before. This gentleman then said he had the flu and he would only be able to get back to me in January!!!So now I have a completely defunct 10k product, have been diligently paying my bill and still do not have the product I believed I purchased and was advertised as. I was so emotionally upset I went to the Sleep number store in Mission Viejo where I purchased the bed. I explained to the retailer exactly the events and was very emotional.

They contacted the head office in MN. I was in the store for two hours and eventually spoke to a customer service rep named Merle. After explaining the entire situation she was appalled and contacted someone representing the CEO. She was authorized to send me a new bed with footwarmers, that should be all new equipment and would work.

So on December 28th the supposed bed I purchased back in late June and have been paying on time for each month arrived. The techs had no idea what was being done and when it came time to install the footwarmers, THEY WERE NOT INCLUDED!!!!! So basically, im back to square one. I contacted Merle immediately and insisted I speak to someone in the CEO office.

I ended up speaking to Emily, who was uncooperative and resistant. I informed her my 10k bed was still not working, footwarmers were not included etc. She said she put the order in herself and didnt understand why they were not included. On January 6th, new sleep number techs came out to install the new footwarmers to the new bed.

I have video tape of the installation and they had no idea what they were doing. The footwarmers however, were installed and they waited to see if they worked before they left, but had to call a supervisor for directions. It was absurd. Emily, the assistant to the CEO, stated we could discuss compensation for the sale and duress this has caused me.

I stated that i believe the bed should be compensated for since my bedframe was damaged, my husbands urn was desicrated, i was insulted. I purchased a bed in late June and it took until JANUARY 6th to be in working order. I have contacted her regarding this, and informed her I would await her counter offer. I have left two messages and have yet to hear back with her with a counter offer.

I think that due to misrepresention of product, safety issues, lack of product support, support error, client support and 6 attempts to produce a product worth 10k that I purchased in June I should be compensated atleast for the payments I was making during the period of a non working bed and be refunded those payments. The damage caused by the subcontractor hired by SLEEP NUMBER should be compensated and my emotional and mental stress regarding this issue should be not taken lightly. Sleep Number techs, Merle and the retail supplier all expressed completed disgust in my favor regarding the events. The CEO's secretary was rude, and dismissive.

I have no idea if she is even speaking to the CEO regarding my case. I paid for a bed that did not work until January 6th. I paid for 5.5 months for a product that was a safety issue, not what was represented at retail description and was promised and was emotionally harmed during this entire experience. I expect remedy immediately and would like to put this entire experience behind me.

I have documented all texts, emails, and videotaped installation attempts. Sleep Number is a company that does not fulfill product description, no customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sleep Number I10 Bed.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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How does it get worse? Maybe by working your way through all of this and then reliving it when the bed fails in a matter of years (being told you have a 20-year warranty).When a company shows you their true stripes, believe them. Get out of it now and by an electric blanket.


This just makes me sad, especially the horrific attitude and comments about your husband's death. I am so sorry for your loss.

I am also finding this company to be a scam, not honoring their policies. This is a company with no honor.

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