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Please I would love to participate in the lawsuit I am in florida. On November 25, 2017 my husband  and I purchased a split king size iLE smart bed with the 360 flex fit 2 base for a total of $6666.08 The salesman, Hugo, told us that Sleep Number gives customers 100 nights to try the bed and if for  any reason, we didn’t like it we cavn return it and they would take it back.

I asked him over and over in different ways and he said it was a 100% money back guarantee. He said the only cost to us would be the $179.99 home delivery fee is non refundable. On December 09, 2017, they took away our old mattress and box spring, and set up our new Sleep Number bed. It was sinking and splitting since day one and was found by a technician to be defective and replaced on December 23rd.

I suffer from severe back pain and find the mattress is making it worse . On January 2rd we called to return it and were told on the mattress top is returnable- the base is ours to keep for the cost of  $3099. We are very disappointed because now the salesman lied to just to make sale and refused to take it back. He also lied about the paper work we signed , there was  two pages one with exclusions and the another one without exclusions he gave us the second page which has no exclusions to sign.

Very disanerst, we have been calling and spoke with different people and non of them  wants to help us they told us that they were the highest level and there were nothing they can do. We documents every calls we  made with people names and extention , we also left two voice mail messages for the CEO Shelly Ibach about two weeks ago and she never got back to us. We don't know what else to do.  I hope they will do the right thing.

Please help us. Thanks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sleep Number Ile Bed.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sleep Number is the most expensive and mechanically unfriendly bed I have ever owned. Even with $300 repairs and upgrades it still failed and I eventually threw the bed in the trash after almost 6 years of trying to get my moneys worth out of it.

It was an absolute joke of a product. $6000 ... really.

I feel sorry for your loss. I think the mattresses are worth about $700 to $800 dollars, but they have so many middle men to pay so they have to charge 5 times what they are worth.


Sleep number is on company that should have gone out of business years ago. Ask any ex-employee what they think.

to Fergetaboutit #1612532

Sleep Number knows that their products have problems. It is after just a glorified air mattress.

Never buy anything unless you understand the technology behind it. The Sleep Number is just a number that dictates how much pressure should be present in the bed. There is nothing special about it. You can buy an air mattress and put a thick foam on top of it.

Then blow it to a comfortable firmness.

You may have to adjust it as room temperatures changes as pressure changes with temperatures. Some employees have access to profiles and sleep data of customers.


Sleep number is one of the biggest ripoffs in the USA. Incredible profit margin on really, just a air mattress. Buyer beware!

to World B Free #1612534

Yes, you got it right. You can buy a good air mattress and put a good foam on top of it.

But some get carried aways by the techie hype.

You can buy a wearable device that can record you heart beat and maybe sleep data. What they did not realized is that their most private sleep data are stored in the cloud and accessible by some employees who have the admin password to the site.


same thing is happening to us right now!!!...exactly the same....we'll see what happens...looks like a court fight! I would sign on to a class action suit!


I experienced the same. I am only two weeks into my sleep night experience which is awful and now I'm hearing that I signed the contract and only the mattress is refundable.

I asked the same questions repeatedly and was told that it was 100% returnable except for the mattress. It's a scam and extremely uncomfortable.

When the customer service supervisor realize that you want to return the bed the tone of his voice changed and he was no longer friendly. $3,000 in the hole and they charge $200 to pick it up.


I am in a similar situation, bought an I8 with sleep IQ, paid almost 9K for split top and top of the line, was told we could return it. Called to return, bed was not comfortable, the giant slit in the bed is not comfortable and works poorly.

Got stuck with a $3000 base worth nothing plus the expensive sheets needed for the special slit in the bed. Plus had to pay $200 to pick up the mattress, I was not allowed to return myself even though I live within minutes of the factory. Very poor misleading and truth is marginal with the sales person. They actually told use to put a pillow in the crack?

Really just junk, sad to say I was less mad than my wife.

PS. We are both health care professionals and we were trusting and mislead.


And, to add insult to injury, that adjustable base is made by the same company that makes them for several other manufacturers. At other stores, under different names, it's half the price.

to Former Sleep Number Salesperso #1511486

So what matress is compatible?


I would like to be part of that as well. I was never told the base wasn’t part of it so now I’m $2,000+ into the base that I never use.

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