Sleep Number P5 Bed Reviews


With Official Company Response

My husband owned a sleep number bed in the past, but it was a twin, he had a double bed next to it for others. When we decided to get together he decided to buy a split king sleep number. What a mistake! We had the bed just over two years and the base broke, the mattress came off the base and tore through the pieces that attach it to the base. When we called, which ended up being many times and waiting for long periods to get someone on the...
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I liked
  • Sheets
I didn't like
  • No product longivety
  • Cost
  • Quality and no response customer service
Bought a P% mattress with the Sleep IQ system (Extra $400).Had the bed for 3 months and the left side of the bed kept deflating but the controller kept reporting the setting it was set to. Called Customer service and they gave me a run around. Finally emailed the CEO and they agreed to send a new bladder and pump. They originally wanted me to trouble shoot for them -$3000 bed and they don't want to send a tech. The tech came, installed the new...
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' So glad that their guarantee and DEFECTIVE PRODUCT will cost us $400 to 'try' their bed! Nowhere else would charge you on both ends (deliver AND return) just to try their guarantee comfort policy. (They are actually making money off of consumers for selling faulty/defective merchandise) DO NOT TAKE A CHANCE - DO NOT BUY from this company,,,,,,unless you can afford losing $400. (This is not an isolated case - it is in their legal contract that you must sign) I wish we would have read the online reviews BEFORE purchasing our P5...
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I didn't like
  • Warranty
  • Return policy