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With Official Company Response

The leg set we purchased for our sleep number bed is ***. The plastic around the bolts won't hold the bolts from spinning making it impossible to tighten the wing nuts. Overpriced ***!.
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SleepNumberCares Thanks for letting us know you're having trouble with your Modular Base Legs. I'd like to learn more about this to see how I can help. Just send me an email with some addition...

My wife and I replaced a 15 year old non adjustable Sleep Number bed with a split top adjustable model. Split top means both sides can allegedly (more on this in a minute) independent of the other side. As it turns out, this is not true for "Favorite" settings. Whichever side selects their Favorite position last controls both sides. To eliminate this problem we decided to exchange the bed for two separate mattresses. Doing this requires...
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I purchased two sleep number beds at a cost of almost $10,00 which I paid off before the ridiculous interest rate. My daughter and I had health issues that needed more than a regular bed afforded us. My bed is a queen mattress, i am 5'4 and I have to have the top of my bed raised a small amount because of back and shoulder issues. The end of my bed is not straight, it is round, so my feet hang off the bed! I sleep on one side of my bed as would...
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Sleep Number X12 Bed Review

Terrible customer service. From point of sale to home delivery it was a nightmare. wrong sheets delivered. 8 week wait time on delivery. Delivery men refused to take old mattresses because they didn't have room in their truck.
18 months after purchasing the X12 system, one of the air chambers gets a leak. After spending two days of troubleshooting with their customer service department, they said they will ship a replacement chamber in two weeks. Of course our bed is completely useless during this time. We call back and tell them two weeks is unacceptable and the person we talked to agreed and said they should have overnighted this part and they will do so and we...
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I didn't like
  • Being lied to from day one
  • Cavalier attitude of company
  • Time it took for delivery
I purchased a Sleep number X12 adjustible king bed. WE had a Sleep number bed for 15 years but did not like how it would shift on the bed other than that is was great. When we went to purchase our new bed we ask the manager of the store if this x12 bed stayed in place. They assured me that the bed slipping around had been addressed and that this be did not move. We had our bed delivered and everything installed. The way the mattress is attached...
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Anonymous Same thing here in Cincinnati as well . BS Her too! Same identical problem and answer from the Sleep number Customer Care...less department . Its no wonder their CEO's and upp...

I didn't like
  • Being lied to by the sales staff
And I have Comcast Cable! These idiots simply don't care. In an era where UPS, FedX and others can track something every 10 minutes, these morons have NO CLUE when, how or even IF the bed is going to show up.. Worst of all- they absolutely don't care. So.... If you're considering purchasing one of these beds, be prepared. No matter how much you spend, it won't matter (and it will be A LOT). They will work solely at their convenience and...
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Anonymous I used to have Comcast, too. And I also tried to get a Sleep Number bed, to no avail. I will wholeheartedly agree with you that Select Comfort customer disservice is worse tha...

I didn't like
  • No courtesy call day or longer before missing work
  • Not following through with promise
  • Customer service was rude
Purchased X12 December 2014. A couple of months ago noticed air wasn't holding in mattress. Was sent new pump and air chambers and was told to call to have a tech replace parts. Two months later and several conversations with various Sleep Number Supervisors, we still have not been scheduled to have the parts replaced. My husband had esophageal surgery and needs to sleep elevated; however, he has been sleeping on our couch for two months. ...
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I didn't like
  • Quality and no response customer service
  • Lack of respect to customer
Purchased the X 12 a few months ago. Upon delivery one remote did not work they said they would order a new one, over a month later they told me that I needed to call the store the Delivery person was not able to do This.ok. Now they say that they are having computer changes this is ridiculous they cannot schedule an appointment for me because of a computer change. I have called repeatedly asked for a representative, the air chambers don't...
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I didn't like
  • Once they got you your screwed
  • No service after purchase

100% full

See the picture for yourself. Top of the line $8,000 plus worth of *** for a bed. Like sleeping on the side of a hill. See how it's leaning? closer to $10,000 when you buy the sheets & pillows. *** delivery service which is supposed to fix the problem doesn't show multiple times. My time is valuable is yours? Less than 6 months & I have been complaining since the beginning. I'm stuck with this now I'm told. Your 90 days is used up...
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jnamesrus Well today the tech showed up, seen the problem & fixed the issues for now anyway. They say they will send a new remote & the missing mattress pad. They fixed the foam...