Be careful of SN sales pitch. They tell you over and over again that you have nothing to lose, "100 day trial no questions asked, only $179 to pay for return shipping" seemed like a great deal. What they don't tell you is that you have to purchase the base, which ours was $3000.00 ! A lot to think about when purchasing the bed. They list the base as non returnable in their contract, but they never tell you how much the base is. I went in twice to SN stores and asked them over and over again how much to return the whole bed. ( after I purchased their bed ) All they would say is," $179.00, nothing to lose." I recorded them with my camera phone. Then I went back to the store I purchased my bed from and confronted the salesperson with this type of sales approach. I told the salesperson this was deception. I tried to contact the district sales manager ( Eric Swanson ) he wouldn't return my calls. I contacted their main office in Minnesota, and when I asked why they don't tell the customer this information she responded that this is in the contract and it is too much to go over with at the time of purchase. I counted 11 items while I was on the phone with her and I said," 11 items is too much to go over with the customer at the time of purchase?" She had no comment. Buyer beware!

Customer service is horrible. When the bed was set up, my wife and I could smell a chemical smell coming from the bed. My wife had Migraine headaches every night for the first 9 days. She would have to sleep on the couch or another bed. I found out that they spray on very powerful chemical on the foam mattress, which people who are sensitive can have a adverse reaction. I called their customer service and they told me to take the foam mattress out of the bed and air it out for 3 days outside. Which I did 3 times. It helped a little. Then they told me to put dryer sheets inside the bed to suck out the chemicals. I put 20 sheets on each side of the bed. It helped enough that my wife could at least sleep in the bed through the night. Our sleep was still terrible so we had to find another bed. I asked their customer service if they could send me a foam mattress without the chemical spray on the foam mattress, they said we can't because it is sprayed on as a fire retardant. They said all mattress from all bed stores have to spray this chemical on their beds. Of this isn't true. Our new bed that we purchased didn't use this spray. When I asked why didn't SN use this type of spray they replied it cost more to use a Hypo-allergenic spray on their mattress.

When I asked SN which beds were compatible to fit their base they couldn't tell me were to go. So the search was on for a new bed. When I found one we liked the new bed company said that we would have to get a safety bar that you put on the bottom of the SN base, because the new bed would slide off when you raise the head. The SN bed is zipped to their base. I went back to the SN store where I purchased the bed and they had no idea what I was talking about. It took me several tries to their customer service for them to get this right. Just be careful when you purchase this bed, don't get caught up in all their bells and whistles. They do a great job in advertising of their products but can't deliver.

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