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This company is a group of such incompetent people. I wish I could actually give a review of the bed, but I can't even do that yet, and that is the problem and why I am here - all I can do is review their delivery service which sucks. When we bought the bed, the rep told us that they have late deliveries if need be and that they will call me to schedule what works best for me as we both don't get home till evening. Ok sounds good right? They call me that day to schedule for 3 weeks later, I tell them I need late delivery and the response is that they will do their best and make note but can't guarantee. That it depends on the locations and how many they have that day. So the delivery day comes closer and I call them to kind of see if they have an idea yet - they tell me 3pm-6pm. I mention again we won't be home till closet to 6 and they say it seems like we are last so it's going to be ok.

The next day(day of delivery) I call again and they tell me at 1pm that they are still only doing their first delivery so not to worry, this time they say I am NOT the last but I am fifth so chances are they won't be there till 5-6 anyway being they are still in their first and it's a "slow moving truck" as they put it.

4pm comes and we get a call - we will be there in 20 minutes they say. Wait, what? You said it was going to be late AND you said they will call me an hour before, not 20 mins. So we hurry home, clean up, move stuff out of the way and get a call from them - they can't get down our driveway - too icy. What? We are in VT, you would think their truck would be capable of dealing with those conditions that are constant here, not to mention it was really not all that icy and we get box trucks down there all the time. So had to reschedule - soonest they have is 2 weeks later.

I tell them to make sure this time cause we are not leaving work early again, to come after 5:30pm period or no one will be home. Well, nothing has changed with our driveway since so I already know they won't go down it tomorrow so called today to reschedule again - and got told it was scheduled for 12pm-4pm tomorrow. WHAT PART OF after 5:30 don't they understand? I get that when you route it has to make sense, as I am a delivery driver myself, however when it's the second time cause they were not willing to go down my driveway I really don't care anymore if they need to backtrack. So I am writing this as I am waiting for a call back to reschedule for who knows when, when we will actually be home. If I have to wait months for this bed I might as well cancel. We were not offered anything to compensate no discount or sale or anything on any of their other products, sheets etc...just horrible customer service. Don't even have the bed yet and already dissatisfied, hopefully this bed is better than this delivery service is, as the only reason they get 2 stars and not 1 is I am still expecting and hoping for a good bed.

Update: They called me with a new date, april 2nd which is a Sat so we will be home, but that's 10 weeks after we ordered the bed. We were promised 4 week delivery, this is 6 weeks late! Moreover, 10 minutes ago I get a call - hello, this is sleepnumber, we will be there in 30 minutes. It is 10am. For one, I already rescheduled(which is what I told the guy on the phone and his response ohhh they didn't tell me), for two yesterday they said it was scheduled for 12-4, for three I asked after 5:30, and four it is now only 10!! I mean really how incompetent can you be!

oriz123 wrote the review because of "customer service, no delivery, " at Sleep Number. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Sleep Number to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was ignore the customer requests, customer service, poor delivery and being lied to more than once. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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