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I purchased an iLE 8 bed with the promise that my sleep would improve and my lower back pain would get better. I also purchased the sleep IQ and dual temp layer.

I was told the dual temp layer would let me sleep at a cool and comfortable 61 degrees (I sleep hot so really wanted this) and that the sleep IQ would help me dial in the perfect sleep number for more sleep. It was all lies. First one has to pay $179 delivery charge, which is outrageous, especially when they leave before everything is hooked up and working. The dual temp only cooled down to 74 degrees which makes it worthless.

The sleep IQ weighs amount of sleep so heavily that the information is worthless. Very little weight is given to quality of sleep (i.e. tossing, turning, getting up, etc.). The bed itself did not improve my sleep or my back pain at all.

I tried every sleep setting their was for 8 weeks hoping to find one that would help. Experiencing no difference between a product that cost several thousand dollars and my old mattress I called to schedule a return before the trial period ended. The first 3 times I called I was on hold for over 50 minutes and hung up every time. Finally on the 4th try I hung in there for over an hour and half.

The customer rep gave me some suggestions and said she would send me better memory foam for the bed (the air mattresses have several layers of memory foam on them) and that this would basically upgrade the bed. I find it interesting that its not the air mattress but the memory foam that improves the bed. Well the foam never came so I bought a memory foam topper from Costco for $150. Back pain was almost nothing and I finally slept for more than 3 hours.

I repeated this for several nights in a row. I then pulled the sleep number mattress off and put my old mattress back with the foam topper and again I had almost no back pain and great sleep. Clearly I could save thousands of dollars with a mattress topper so I again went through the pain (multiple phone calls, being on hold for over an hour) to reach customer service and schedule a return. I was told home delivery, which I had to pay another $179 dollars for pickup (total rip off but the only safe way to ship the *** product back since it can't be returned to the store) would call to schedule a pickup.

A week went by and nothing so I called, waiting an hour and 15 minutes to be told it can take two weeks. Called back a week later and after a mere hour hold was told I had to call a number to schedule delivery. I did and this number only had me on hold for 30 minutes - YEA. Got the delivery scheduled for Jan 8th (a month after I called to have the *** bed returned).

The guys came and picked everything up; never be lured by cheap sleep number beds that have been returned. The pickup guys just through everything (sleep IQ, remotes, pads, etc.) inside the mattress and dragged it outside where it got dragged through mud, snow, ***, and thrown into their truck with no plastic wrapping of any kind. I signed their phone form (no paper) and was told I would get an email confirming the pickup. 7 days later no email, no bed, and no refund.

Called customer service, was on hold for over an hour and was told that home delivery had acknowledge (aka put in the system) the items so they couldn't process a return. They show the items were picked up, but the best, the BEST, they could do was open an escalation ticket that take AT LEAST 14 days for someone to respond to; not resolve, just respond to! Sometime after that 14 days they may or may not get something resolved. Once things got resolved it would still take 3 weeks for any refund to be processed!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes at this point I had flames of rage shooting forth from my head. I'm pretty sure my rage would have made the Hulk himself cower. So my experience with Sleep Number is on of lies, insane hold times, and theft.

All of this for a product that is improved with memory foam. Lesson, get a memory foam mattress and or topper and avoid Sleep Number like it's the plague.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of bed and customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of sleep number mattress protector and associated monetary loss in the amount of $4000. Sleep Number needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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There is no such bed as an "ile 8" so I am suspicious of this whole post. The dual temp layer cools 8 degrees cooler than room temperature.

It does not have any type of temperature setting to set it to a certain temperature.

Also, they do not re-sell used beds so there is no need for the drivers to handle the discarded beds with care. Sounds as though this is a buyer who didn't pay attention.

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