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I was promised a bed that would NOT sag "because it is based on air".

Within on 6 month I had my bed at number 100 - and it is still sagging. I am in a lot of back pain and pain down my leg every morning I get up.

The representative had me unzip the mattress fabric - I discovered a huge wet area supposedly condensation. "No worries", she said, we treat the mattress with a "proprietary" agent to discourage mold. She would not disclose what it is.

So she trouble shoots the sagging - to no avail as the sagging only occurs when you are lying on the mattress.

I know that I have just wasted another $1000+ and there is nothing I can do about it. This is my fifth mattress in 5 years - they all sag - conveniently after 3-4 months so that the warranty is over.

Please, someone sue the mattress manufacturers to get these scammers regulated so we can get good quality mattresses.

This person wrote the review because of bad quality of sleep number mattress from Sleep Number. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $1000 and wants Sleep Number to issue a full refund.

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Agreed.They advertise that you can bring up and down the mattress but when you do it breaks the zipper on the cover slip of the mattress.

If they designed it so that the zipper could be replaced (maybe 40 bucks) then I would only pay a portion of the that low cost and have a working mattress again. They have cleverly encouraged you to bring up and down the mattress so the zipper breaks and then make you replace the entire mattress cover. For a twin mattress mind you, this is well over 800 dollars) Even with their "warranty" my portion of that is over 400 dollars. That is beyond a what a reasonable person should have to pay for a zipper.

There absolutely has to be a law suite against this.Please, please someone pick this up.

Milan, Illinois, United States #1356491

Count me in I spent 6 grand on a bed that is horrible and the customer services is even worse. I just bought a new bed but do not believe it is fair that I am out all of the money and pain and suffering.


I agree, I am out $2800 for a frame I can't use because of there 120 night free trial.My wife and I do not like the bed after 1 week.

Ideas told I can return the mattress only if I either paid $129 for them to pic it up or $29 per shipping lables they send me from UPS (takes about 5 boxes) I would also have to buy the boxes.

Also they will not accept the frame back so we are stuck paying $2700 On top of the shipping.I've been scamed for $2834.04 for the BS I can't use or sell.


I'll join you!My $7k bed is a overpriced and unsupportive bed!

I regret this waste of money. I'd been better off buying a $30 blow up mattress with foam padding for the same discomfort.

It does NOT support your back.That is a all out LIE!


I found this:

Law Office Of Paul Depetris

(609) 714-2020

4 Union St

Medford, NJ 08055

to Richard Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States #1230642

How do I get in on class action lawsuit against Sleep number bed..please call me and tell me how to get one started.

I live in the state of Oklahoma.

My number 918-652-1537.Cindy Balch


Can you let me know if you have started a lawsuit, I want to join


I agree!Somebody please start a class action lawsuit.

$7,000 down the drain.I have never had a reason to go to a Chiropractor, but I have one now!


So u bought the cheapest mattress they had to offer and you wonder why you have back pain.You should of done more research.

Because its the consumer rated Best Buy. Which means it lasts a long time. The number 1 rated bed and the average price of the beds is quite more.

You bought the cheapest bed they offer.***.

to Anonymous #1258128

Price has nothing to do with the comfort of the bed.We bought the top of the line worst thing we ever did.

We were sent the same components over and over for a year before our time ran out to send it back. Had a repair man come out. We have had nothing but problems with it and now my husbands side sags really bad. Neck pain back pain never had these issues before.

Stayed at a hotel on vacation and no aches and pains that night.These beds are terrible.

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